Safely Travelled launches!

Welcome to Safely Travelled, a new retail business to help parents make the best choices for travelling safely with their children. 

The business was born from my own frustrations of trying to buy a car seat for my first son. Nobody could tell me if it would fit in the car I was going to buy, all they said was that if I had ISOFIX I'd be fine. Well it wasn't and I spent the next 18 months sat slightly too close to the steering wheel for comfort due to the sheer bulk of the rear facing seat behind me. 

Then, a few years later I went to buy a bicycle seat so he could join me on some cycle rides. And I realised that, again, there was only limited information and advice available. I didn't want to buy new and it not fit, so I bought a 2nd hand Hamax model instead only for the seat locking mechanism to be locked shut and I hadn't been given the key...

So I've built Safely Travelled from the ground up to ensure that no parents find themselves in the situations that I have. And yes, we stock those Hamax locking keys!

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