Holidaying Overseas - Tips for safe travel with your children.

I am just back from a lovely week with my family in the Greek sunshine and there were a number of travel safety issues that occurred to me.

Children pulling a suitcase

When in the holiday mood it's tempting to ignore travel safety and focus on the enjoyment, but I've seen more accidents in my last two weeks of foreign holidays than I have in the last two years. People drop their guard, and that way injury lies. So here's some tips on how to stay safe when travelling.

On the Way to the Airport
If you are driving yourself, then this one is simple in that you use your existing children's car seats. But if you are getting a lift with a friend or family member don't be tempted to ditch the car seats. Not only is it illegal but it could mean the end of a holiday before it has begun. If you are getting a taxi then the law changes and strictly you don't need car seats. However think about it - you are getting in a car with a stranger, you have no idea how well that car has been maintained or how well that individual can drive. So consider as a minimum an inflatable booster seat so as to optimise the seat belt routing. They can then be collapsed and taken with you for any subsequent taxis journeys when overseas.

On the Transfer Coach
If you need to take a coach transfer, such as from the airport to your resort, do use the seat belts provided. While they are only lap belts, they will offer more protection than no belt at all. 

At the Beach
Children are justifiably excited about being on holiday and sometimes that exuberance leads to the occasional accident. Therefore I always recommend taking a selection of plasters and small bandages. I took a Mini First Aid Kit with us and it proved very useful when my son stumbled over a rock and cut his leg. 


Mini First Aid Kit Beach


Activities On Holiday
During our last two holidays my wife and I did some cycling with some other families using hire bikes. Two years ago we saw a lady fall off her bike and break her leg and this year we saw somebody fall off and badly scrape both her leg and arm. In total those rides were collectively less than 100km on quiet, well paved roads, but in the 2000km I've cycled in the UK I've not seen a single accident. So if you or your children are cycling while on holiday do ensure you use a helmet - do not be tempted to ride without one. Any reputably holiday destination hiring bikes should have helmets available. They may not be the best but they will offer more protection than not having one at all. 


Cannondale Synapse Beach


But remember to have fun
We've all missed having a holiday in the last 18 months so while being sensible and staying safe is key it's also important to remember to have some fun. So if you are heading for your holiday soon, enjoy yourselves!

Stay safe


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