The Products We Own

I created Safely Travelled as I was always disappointed with the process of buying car seats and latterly cycle seats and helmets for my children. So I have some very real experience and I know how challenging it can be. And I want to change that, hence the business. 

Prior to all that though, my wife and I needed a car seat for our son. Like a lot of people we looked for a seat that could be attached to a pram base and so ended up with the Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix base and Pebble. Maxi-Cosi have tweaked their model line up since then (late 2014) but the concept of an infant carrier then a toddler seat used with an ISOFIX base remains a very popular choice even now. 

Maxi Cosi Pebble Audi Q5


Following that our son moved in to a rear facing Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl around about the time his sister was born (late 2016). At the time we had two cars, with a Maxi-Cosi base in each, but with another child we needed more seats. So we bought another Maxi-Cosi base and 2way pearl. 

Maxi Cosi 2way Pearl Mercedes W203


As our son became increasingly heavy my wife campaigned for a car seat that rotated meaning she could do a straight lift of him out of the car rather than twisting. As a result we bought a Nuna Rebl Plus and then, when our daughter was ready to move out of her Pebble, we bought one for her too.

Nuna Rebl Audi Q5


More recently, both my children have now moved to high backed booster seats and I chose the Cybex Solution S iFix, which they both find very comfortable. You can see a video of me unboxing one and fitting it to my own car here on YouTube.

Cybex Solution S i-Fix


So as you can see, I've had to purchase a good number of car seats in the last 6 years and the process has never met my expectations. Safely Travelled aims to improve that such that buying a car seat is a simple, efficient and pleasurable process. Let me know what you think.