Environmental Approach

Over the years I have, sadly, had to dispose of a number of car seats. They hadn't been in any accidents, and they worked perfectly well but unfortunately the market doesn't trust used car seats. In short, nobody would have them.

Here at Safely Travelled we want to ensure that every journey a child takes can be as safe as possible. But equally we also want to consider the impact on the environment that car seats have, being predominantly made of rigid, bulky plastic. To that end we are working hard to ensure that

- You can buy spare parts for all the car seats that we sell. So if anything breaks, you can replace it rather than throw the seat away.

- You can buy replacement seat covers. So that if yours doesn't come up looking as fresh after a wash, you can replace it with a new one. 

Furthermore we are working to streamline the process for refurbishing car seats. Details aren't confirmed yet but it would look like this:

- You buy a car seat for your first child

- You have a 2nd child and you'd like to continue to use that original child seat for them. But it's now quite grubby after 18 months of use.

- You drop the car seat off with us (we can lend you a loan unit for a few days)

- A few days later you collect your original car seat now fully deep cleaned and fitted with a new cover and belt pads. 

This refurbishment process aims to maximise the long term use of a car seat, without the 2nd (and 3rd) child feeling like they always get the "hand me downs".

Finally we continue to campaign with manufacturers to introduce take back schemes such that they will recycle the car seats they have introduced to the market, thereby diverting them from landfill.