Child Car Seats for Porsches

Keen to understand what children's car seat will fit in your Porsche? Read this guide to find out. 

What child car seats fit in a Porsche

In order to answer this question, we need to be clear about what models are in scope. For this guide I won't cover the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera as they all have 5 doors and sufficient space to easily carry a child's car seat. 

Those remaining will be split by those cars with rear seats and those without

Porsche 996 and 997 (excluding GT2 and GT3)
If you own one of these models then there is good news as there are a number of good quality car seats that will fit. Although they look visually different, the 996 and 997 are the same car from a child seat point of view so the information here is interchangeable. The assumption here is that you will be using the rear seats and that you will be removing the leather seat base (it's only held in with velcro and lifts out easily) in the position where you'll be fitting the seat.

Some things to note are that neither the 996 nor 997 has ISOFIX in the rear, so you will need a seat that is belted in. On the 2nd Gen 997 ISOFIX for the front passenger seat was an option. Airbag de-activation was also an option, but the two won't necessarily have been specified together. 

Seats that fit in the rear

Britax Duo-Plus
Britax Evolva 1-2-3
Britax Evolva Plus
Britax 2-Way Elite
Britax Kid Plus
BeSafe iZi Comfort X3
Mamas and Papas Pro-Tec (Discontinued)
Maxi-Cosi Tobi (Discontinued)
Recaro Tian Elite

Maxi Cosi Tobi in a 997

(Maxi Cosi Tobi seen here, installed in a 997)


What if you own a GT2 or GT3? The reason for excluding these is that they come without rear seats and therefore no rear seat belts. Rear seat belts can be retrofitted to the Gen 1 models, as they have the correct mountings but as we understand it, the Gen 2 cars do not have the correct mountings and it isn't possible to fit rear seat belts. 

Porsche 944 (oval dash) and 968 (excluding 968 Clubsport)
In a similar way to the 996/997 the oval dash 944 and the 968 are essentially the same car underneath, despite the different looks. Rear seat belts are fitted (with the exception of the 968 Clubsport) so again, you will need to have a seat that is held in with seat belts. 

Boxster and Cayman
Unlike the cars above, a child seat for a Boxster or a Cayman can only be fitted on the passenger front seat. 986 Boxster models don't have ISOFIX and it wasn't an option. For 987 models, ISOFIX was an option and there was also airbag de-activation. Both can be retrofitted if your car doesn't have them. For 981 models ISOFIX was also an option, and it can be retrofitted but it's a lot more expensive than the 987, with figures from £800 - £1000 quoted.