Car Sun Shades - Twin Pack
Car Sun Shades - Twin Pack

Car Sun Shades - Twin Pack

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Keeping your child at the right temperature on a car journey can mean the difference between driving bliss and distracted chaos.

Here at Safely Travelled we always recommend sun shades not only to keep cabin temperatures down but to keep bright lights out of children's eyes. 

This pack of sun shades offer a great choice as it comes with two different sizes to fit different car window shapes. You get: 

2 x shades in size 50 cm x 37cm plus

2 x shades in size 50cm x 31cm. 

They are super simple to fit as they just cling to the glass. As a result they are also easily removable for when your children want to watch the world go by. 

They also come in a neat storage pouch so when you aren't using them they can be folded and stored away.


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