Car Seat Protectors - Twin Pack

Car Seat Protectors - Twin Pack

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These car seat protectors are a simple way of protecting both cloth and leather seats when using children's car seats. Prevent those ugly indentations in the leather and protect them from spills. 

They are made of an anti-slip material on the reverse and have cutouts at the fold to allow for the ISOFIX arms to pass through unhindered. 

The front is made of durable non-slip PVC to prevent any movement of the car seat when sat on it (but always make sure your car seat is securely attached to the car, as normal)

The pockets at the front are ideal for storing wipes, childrens toys or treats.

Comes as a pack of two and take only moments to fit. 

Here at Safely Travelled we always recommend parents buy and fit these, whether they have a car seat already or are just buying their first. Definitely a must have!


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