Cycle Seats and Tag Alongs for Hire

Here at Safely Travelled we realise that certain equipment can be expensive to buy and that often families are only able to use things for a few weeks per year. 

Furthermore it can seem wasteful to buy something only to use it a handful of time.

Therefore we're pleased to offer a hire service, currently focused on cycle seats and tag-alongs.

Cycle Seats:

We supply Hamax seats for hire as they are well made, robust and comfortable. The following models are available:

Hamax Siesta cycle seat in red

Hamax Sleep cycle seat in red

Hamax Siesta cycle seat in grey

Each one comes with its own bracket for installation on your bicycle, which just requires a 6mm allen key (which we can also provide, if required)

Tag Alongs: 

We supply either WeeRide or xxx tag alongs for hire. They are strong and robust but not especially light so do bear this in mind if you are planning to lift it in and out of a car. The following models are available:

WeeRide Pro-Pilot in Silver



- 1 x Wee-Ride tag along in silver

- 1 x Tag along in in burgundy

- 2 x Trail gators

- 1 x Hamax Siesta cycle seat

- 1 x Hamax cycle seat  


Tag-Alongs - £30 per week, £45 for two

Trail Gators - £20 per week, £30 for two

Hamax Seats - £20 per week, £30 for two


There are a number of benefits from hiring these items rather than buying them outright. Firstly, if you are only going to use them irregularly, perhaps on one or two holidays per year then you won't need to store them for the remainder of the year. 

Secondly, we provide comprehensive fitting instructions supported by video guides to ensure that you and your child get the most enjoyment from them.